Five Ways Keen Aesthete Will Be Valuable to You

Five Ways Keen Aesthete Will Be Valuable to You

June 21, 2016FiveIntroKA542Views
Five Things

Welcome to our first “Five” article!  Every few weeks, we will post an article on five things about different topics related to the Keen Aesthete (KA) lifestyle.  Some articles will be more serious, others more tongue-in-cheek.  Overall, it’s our hope that the articles can provide you with some brief, sometimes humorous, and hopefully informational reading for your day!

Today, our list is an attempt to convince you why we deserve to be part of your online landscape.  We understand that you have your choice for content providers; here are five reasons why our blog should be one of them.

  1. Interesting variety of articles.  We don’t like to brag, but we think our articles are quite interesting.  From talking about business practices…to the place of technology in clinical practice…to the psychology behind comics…and this is just the start!  As we continue growing (with your support, of course!), our goal is to continue producing quality, interesting articles that will inform and entertain you.
  2. Curated content from other sources.  During rare moments of humility, we have to admit that we’re not the ONLY ones producing interesting content for clinicians.  You can spend much of your precious time and effort to find and keep yourself updated with said content…OR we can do the finding and updating for you.  Of course, we are more than happy to follow up on any suggestions you may have regarding sources for articles that may interest you.
  3. “Social” social media.  Different organizations use social media for different purposes.  Some use it to be found in the world of Internet 2.0, others to transmit their thoughts to an audience, and some more to engage people in dialogue.  We here at KA are in the latter camp.   Our hope is to encourage the development of a supporting and engaged community of clinicians that stimulate discussions among clinicians from different locales and levels of experience.
  4. Influence the direction of KA.  Okay, okay, we admit it; we’d like to have a relationship with you also!  And we know that for any relationship to work, there needs to be two-way communication.  So we definitely welcome your feedback and comments on ways that we can make KA a valuable part of your life.  Tell us what other topics you’d like to read about, questions you may have on articles we have posted, or other matters that can enrich your clinician lifestyle.  Our hope is that as we grow KA, we will continue to find new ways to be a setting that is by clinicians and for clinicians.
  5. Directly contribute content.  After becoming familiar with our approach and tone, perhaps you, too, have the experience and desire to regularly speak about some aspect of the clinician lifestyle.  As KA grows, we really hope it can become a platform for different clinicians who have the desire to dialogue with others on matters beyond the academic and the clinical.  While we are currently not soliciting any articles, mostly due to editorial limitations, please stand by, start writing, or give us your ideas.  We would love to hear them and will do our best to provide opportunities for those interested to be part of Keen Aesthete.

Please be social and participate!  Let us know your thoughts on the blog in general and what topics in particular you might be interested to read about for future articles!  Sound off either in the comments section below or on our social media!

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