Meet Keen Aesthete

Meet Keen Aesthete

June 21, 2016Spotlight407Views1Comment

So what’s our story?

As with many other founding stories, it started as a conversation between two friends who shared a strong interest in the role of technology in society. It just so happened they were also clinical psychology graduate students. Over time, they had more conversations—in person, online, while procrastinating from finals deadlines—and invited other conversation partners along the way, and they realized that they had a lot of things to say about psychology, clinical practice, and professional life, plus a healthy enough hubris to wonder if others might care about their thoughts.

Our goal is to be a comprehensive platform by clinicians for clinicians. Starting with this blog, we want to develop settings where clinicians can talk about any topic related to the clinician lifestyle and how it relates to our larger lives. And we mean anything—from the intersection of clinical practice and technology to analyzing the attachment styles of Batman and Spiderman!

About our name? We feel it best describes our professional aspiration—to be KEEN producers and consumers of clinical science balanced with the AESTHETICS of clinical practice. Perhaps we’re aiming too high, and we can’t promise that everything we post will revolutionize the world. But at the very least, we hope you will find us to be good company on the journey to becoming future keen aesthetes together.

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