Have Pokemon Invaded Your Consultation Room?

Have Pokemon Invaded Your Consultation Room?

July 11, 2016Musing720Views

From Bloomberg, Gizmodo and IGN.  Have you noticed people taking out their smart phones as if to take a photo?  But instead, you see them flick their fingers on their screens instead of pushing a button.  They just might be trying to catch a Pokemon.  Yes!  You read that right!  The game (and later cartoon, toys, etc.) that taught kids to “catch ’em all” recently came to smart phones in North America in the form of an augmented reality game, called Pokemon GO.  The game tracks players’ movements in the real world (via gps) and tells them where to catch different Pokemon, to check-in at resource areas, and to challenge local gyms through an overlay on images picked up by the phone’s camera.

The game has been so well received that

[t]he game…already commands more mindshare per user than apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp and is poised to have more daily active users in the U.S. than Twitter Inc. in short order, according to data from SimilarWeb. As of 6:30 am in New York, it’s at the top of Apple Inc.’s App Store charts. (From Bloomberg)

Investors are, of course, taking notice.  Nintendo’s market value gained more than $7 billion and is expected to add up to 15% to the game maker’s net profits (per Bloomberg, not to be perceived as investment advice).

But it’s not all good news.  Gizmodo published a humor-filled report/twitter posts compilation on users complaining of sore legs as they unexpectedly walk around more than expected.  In fact, the website IGN has dubbed the game “secretly the best exercise app out there.”

So, what’s does this mean?

If you were (or still are but secretly won’t admit it, oh wait, I’m projecting) a Pokemon fan, the next step for achieving your dream to be a Pokemon master has come to your smart phone! Just make sure to warm up and wear your most comfortable shoes!

If your clients say there’s a wild Pikachu on your shoulder, it just may not be a form of psychosis.

And if random strangers start knocking on your office door, you just may have a rare Pokemon running around, waiting to be caught.

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