Now is a Good Time to Buy an Apple Laptop: 3/4 of Apple’s Latest Laptops were Introduced This Morning and Apple Computers are Cheaper to Own

Now is a Good Time to Buy an Apple Laptop: 3/4 of Apple’s Latest Laptops were Introduced This Morning and Apple Computers are Cheaper to Own

October 27, 2016770Views

For those wanting or needing new computer hardware, I advise you just pick up one of the three new computers announced. I have some simple tips to make your decision easier and time saving. Instead of asking your friends, just take a few minutes to read this article and watch Apple’s videos on the new innovations.

Here’s an article about why Mac’s are cheaper to own as recently (last week) highlighted by IBM’s head of IT, Fletcher Previn. Many people just weight the initial cost, but do not realize there are normal associated costs post-purchase.

I know that current culture today is to research the heck out of an investment purchase. I get it. I do it all the time and have become pretty proficient at it that I can do it in my sleep. As I’m sure many of you are as well! If you calculate all the time put into researching a purchase, you will find that you spend way too much time/resources and looking back it feels like a waste. I am utilizing my thousands of hours (yes, I estimated) of experience, in purchasing and configuring computers for friends and family, to break it down for you simply. And just to add, I use to design server computers and have a good amount of engineering work experience in computer hardware.

For those interested, here is the full video for the keynote speech by Apple.

Here is a quick summary of today’s Apple announcements:

3 New Laptops Models (Can be configured in many ways…hard drive, video card). One without Touch Bar (Just 13″) and Two With Touch Bar (13″ and 15″).

Touch Bar is pretty innovative and amazing and has fingerprint sensor built-in. That means better security and no typing in passwords! I’m sure other companies will follow¬†suit.

Every New Macbook Pro announced this morning are smaller in size than previous generation.
Macbook Air is going away.
– 12″ Macbook was not updated.
– iMacs were not updated.
– Apple TV will get the TV App which is like a universal television guide to unites many services (except Netflix).

Purchase Wisdom and Experience of the New Laptops:

– The choices in Apple laptop sizes are 12″, 13″, and 15″. Larger means more performance, heavier, and a bigger thing to lug around. 13″ is just right in performance and size and is what I’d recommend to 95% of people out there. If you want smallest footprint possible, get the 12″. 15″ catered toward people who do create things (video, photography, etc.).

– In terms of configurations. The best value (intersection of value and performance) is always the middle configuration. This ensures that it will last a time and not feel that it will suffer in performance 4-6 years into use. And yes, Apple laptops can easily last 5+ years if you follow my recommendations.

Best Places to Purchase

Apple. If you qualify, there is a small discount ($50 is better than nothing) for educational purchases.
B&H Photo Video. Reputable and Authorized Dealer and save on tax if you don’t live in New York.

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