Keen Aesthete is Back! And We have an Email Newsletter!

Keen Aesthete is Back! And We have an Email Newsletter!

March 22, 2017KAUpdate490Views

Hello from the staff of Keen Aesthete. We have been busy conjuring new ways to keep you connected to interesting psychology-related news, trends, and topics. We understand that people have full schedules and we are devoted in constantly thinking of better ways to provide you with useful information. Several readers have suggested that they would like various methods to stay up to date on Keen Aesthete articles.

So today, we are offering a newsletter that we will send out periodically. The newsletter is meant as a convenient way to keep track of what Keen Aesthete is discussing and highlighting. We hope that this will help encourage you to stay up to date and follow us as we provide you with interesting topics.

Please click here to sign up to receive our newsletter. We promise that it will be valuable information that will help enhance your mental health work.

We look forward to providing you with new ways to connect with us!

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