Wherefore Art Thou?

Wherefore Art Thou?

August 7, 2017Note964Views

Missed us? Haven’t heard from us in awhile? Missing your KA fix? Well, WE MISS YOU TOO!

So we just wanted to write this short note to update you, our precious readers, of the reason behind our extended silence.

In short, LIFE HAPPENED. In no specific order, members of our team either underwent the professional licensure process, moved out of the United States, got married to the love of their life, or wrestled with the post-doctoral training, welcomed another member of the family, among other smaller life events.

SO WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE KA? Well, we’re trying hard to get back to form. Justin and Albert are intending to get back to posting their wonderful articles with some regularity. Justin is excited to share his thoughts on emotions and clinical work in relation to the remaining Lantern Corps. Albert always brings up deep questions regarding the intersection of technology with clinical and general life; and will commit them to paper (and screen) soon! Neil will still post articles occasionally, but will spend more of his energies on our behind-the-scenes operations.

WHAT’S MORE? We are happy to announce that we are now opening KA to NEW AUTHORS. Since starting KA, our goal had always been to become a nexus for talented mental health clinicians who desire to encourage dialogue between the mental health disciplines and our larger society. In past year, we have been working towards improving the look of our website and the technical infrastructure behind it. We feel that we have reached a point where we are able to support additional authors. If you find that you hold on to a Keen perspective yourself, watch out soon for an entry specifying how you can become a writer on KA.

FINALLY, we would like to remind you that our team has introduced an email subscription feature. If you prefer to be informed about our articles via an email digest; or if you have friends and colleagues you’d like to introduce us to, one great way to do this is by signing up for our email subscription service here.

So come check back with us often as we try to get back to regularly delivering you great insightful articles!



Team KA


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